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CLC Primer on Mental Models

For church leaders wanting to create clarity and deeper understanding in their congregations of God's Design for life, community, faith, and purpose.

The CLC Mental Models Primer takes pastors and congregational leaders on the journey of learning change. We integrate biblical values for living and adaptive skills for leading with a method of learning that honours diverse theological traditions and each church's unique context and culture. 

Our participation-driven Primer will help you bring clarity to the big (or little) challenges and opportunities your congregation is experiencing and empower you to lead through change with curiosity and hope.

Why Mental Models?

Why not start with the Bible and doctrine or the latest leadership trends?

We focus on mental models because changing these is God's Design for the Spirit's renewal, impacting every aspect of our lives and leadership.

Change will only be effective- and lasting- if we not only change what we do or say, but also how (and what) we think. Mental models are a way of talking about how each person uniquely understands the world and takes action in it. Our mental models are formed (or malformed) by many factors and dictate how we live and lead. The Primer uses the big mental models (or theologies) that shape church culture such as worship, mission, and discipleship to teach leaders how to surface, test, and reform the mental models shaping their communal life so that they can become more aligned with God's Design. It is through this sort of faithfulness that churches filter and adapt to a changing world with hope. 

Here's a taste of how we talk about mental models and the church:

Green Paper Structures
Get started on mental models work today!

This resource will help you surface and examine your own mental models of ministry and how you can begin to unearth  the ones in your congregation. Download your free resource.

Primer Features

Flexible Engagement

  • The Primer can be engaged in a number of ways: with just one church team, with a group of church teams (from a denomination or region), or within an existing CLC learning community. Contact us for more info about options.

  • Each team member has access to all of the material on an easy to use online learning platform, meaning they can engage it at anytime from anywhere. Tech support included!

  • Teams set their own pace for learning and, with their Coach, have the option to adapt the content to better address their context.

 Teams can start their CLC journey at any time! For $1,500 per year, Church Teams are empowered with:

  • 24 months of access to the online learning platform and downloadable material (including tech support);

  • 12 Coaching sessions and further resourcing (with the option to add more);

  • opportunity to participate in CLC learning events;

  • a lifelong partnership with other participant-practitioners around the globe.

Image by Dylan Ferreira

Customized Coaching

Coaches catalyze curiosity, help you ask and seek the answers to the hard questions, and empower participants to learn the leadership skills necessary to lead deep and lasting communal change. Our Coaches will help you as you identify your church's leverage points for transformation, challenge the status quo, and lead your community to learn and evolve within God's Design.

Our Coaches are all practitioners-- pastors serving in all kinds of ministry contexts across North America who have committed to the playful praxis of following the Spirit's lead in learning change. Bonus: you'll even get to choose your coach from our team.

Lifelong Learning Partnership

Joining CLC means being part of a community of lifelong practitioners who are staying curious, committed, and caring with one another. The skills and processes you learn in CLC can be applied to all areas of life as you seek to both live and lead by God's Design. We know that once you start learning change with CLC, you'll discover the rich life and leadership that will catalyze a lifetime of spiritual growth and blessing.


Praxis-Driven Content

  • Each session has a short video presenting one key idea and a reflection guide to get you thinking personally about the topic before you meet in-person as a team.

  • Team Meeting Facilitation Guides bridge personal learning and communal action playfully and with curiosity, suggesting ways to share, practice, and reflect on what you're learning and what's needed in your context. 

  • In fact, all of the material gets you offline and into living and leading by God's Design- individually, as a church team, and even as a congregation. Every participant becomes a teacher as well as a learner because each brings a unique experience of the Spirit's transforming work through faithful and fruitful engagement with the material.

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