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Congregational transformation depends upon the discipleship and transformation of individuals in the congregation, including the leader. Leaders who are not doing the individual transformational work of emotional maturity and spiritual development will be unable to lead others into their own transformation. Likewise, the leader alone cannot bring about transformation in a group of people: this “growing up into Christ” must be done both as individuals and as the community of faith. We believe that choosing the deeper work of individual transformation, not just of the staff or leadership, but of the wider congregation, will begin to shift the ways in which your church responds to the call and way of Jesus in and for the world. 

That's why we've partnered with Faithwalking to offer the Compass Initiative.

Faithwalking invites individuals to dive deeper into their own personal growth and emotional maturity; it helps participants address individual challenges and places where they are stuck. Churches Learning Change invites a team of key congregational leaders to lean into and unearth the assumptions at work in their church –the underlying currents and stories that make up the “way things are”-- and to begin to test, reform, and create new possibilities. Through regular coaching (nearly once a month), participants are supported and encouraged during both the individual and congregational learning modules.

After participating in the Compass Initiative, pastors and leaders will be equipped with the adaptive leadership skills and discipleship processes necessary  to answer the crisis of discipleship, to be faithful and fruitful in challenging circumstances, and to face an unknown future with faith and hope. You will be equipped with a disciple-making process that produces fruit in people’s lives, will be able to be multiplied and duplicated within the congregation, and will create a culture that facilitates godly change.

The Details

Cycles start in May and September 2024.

Two Year Commitment: Over the course of about two years,  a team made up of the pastor,  lay, and staff leaders will engage in personal and congregational learning and formation geared towards sustaining lasting change.  Then, you'll have the option of adding a third year of learning with both organizations.

Online and in-person: All the material you'll need between meetings, from videos, readings, reflection exercises and homework, are online. Faithwalking groups and coaching meet live via zoom but your CLC leadership team meets in-person.

Coaching: Pastors will have the same coach for Faithwalking and CLC learning (the same coach for their team). Everyone will receive coaching as part of Faithwalking.

Fee: $2400 per year, which can be paid in two installments.


Personal Transformation

Team members will complete four of six modules of Faithwalking Foundations, with the option to expand to other members of the congregation.

See what you'll learn and practice.

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Adaptive Leadership Learning

Leadership Teams will journey through the 3 units of the CLC Primer.

Learn more about the Primer.


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