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Setting the Course for Thriving Leaders
and Congregations

Personal transformation is the starting point for growing in leading and living by God's Design. The CLC Primer will help you personally grow in faith and emotional maturity, but you also need to help your congregations embark on the hope-filled journey of discipleship.


In order to empower the most people in your congregation to get curious and living by God's Design, CLC and Faithwalking have partnered to offer the Compass Initiative. Through the purposefully integrated discipleship journey of Faithwalking Foundations and the CLC Primer on Mental Models, leaders are equipped with the skills necessary to lead their congregations into living by God's Design.

The Compass Initiative helps leaders and congregations navigate their inner and outer worlds in order to discover life and leadership aligned with God's Design.


  • Flexible and accessible platforms. Both Faithwalking and CLC utilize online learning communities to stay connected and resourced. Plus, each team member chooses the Faithwalking group that works best for them.

  • Cycles start in January, May, and September so you're able to jump into learning when your team is ready.

  • Paced-learning: each module builds on each other so that process reinforces the purpose of your learning. Plus, we've built in intentional "sabbath" seasons throughout the year.

  • Grow your connection and be inspired as you hear and learn from other group members from across North America, allowing you to practice in and out of your context.

  • The Compass Initiative comes at a reduced cost for both Faithwalking and the Primer on Mental Models- essentially two for the price of one!

Year One

Year Two

Year Two

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