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The practice for living and leading by God's Design

Empowering Congregations and Leaders to filter and adapt to a changing world in alignment with God's Design.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Have you ever...

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felt stuck as a leader?

Like you didn't know what to do to bridge the differing opinions on mission, how to lead that meeting where everyone looks to you for the answers, or how to describe the hopes you have for serving God in ways that get the congregation into action? When you feel like you've tried all the things you learned in Seminary, what do you do to try to awaken your church to the Spirit's moving?


wondered how to get broader engagement?

Whether it be within your congregation or beyond its walls, do you pray for a more vibrant witness and sense of calling and purpose that leads to faithful action? You know the 80-20 rule isn't God's Design, but how do you lead when it's the current reality?


seen conflict negatively impact ministry?

What does God's Design for unity look like and how do you help a congregation learn its  practices in a cultural context driven by polarization? As a leader, how do you overcome the internal and external roadblocks that pave the way to a shared sense of calling and stay in action as a group of believers?

Adaptive Leaderhsip.png

dreamt about what could be?

How do you stay hopeful in the face of discouragement? Where and with whom do you find companionship, support and challenge? What are you doing to keep your own discipleship and learning alive so that you can live and lead by God's Design?


God's Design for churches and their leaders is unique to each context.

Discerning it requires offering our lives and leadership up to God to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. Then, Scripture says, we'll be able to discover, live and lead, not by the world's pattern, but by God's Design. (Romans 12.1-2)

The CLC Primer on Mental Models will empower you to engage the questions that matter most with hope.
Take it from past participants:


"CLC helps bridge chasms and bring people together. It gives people tools to talk to each other in ways they wouldn't have had before."

The Compass Initiative integrates the CLC Primer on Mental Models with the intentional individual transformational work of growing emotional maturity and spiritual growth offered by Faithwalking. This intentional partnership allows church teams to bring deep and lasting change to their congregation more effectively by laying a strong foundation of discipleship for both leaders and laity from the very beginning of the journey.

Over the course of two years, you'll go through the Primer and complete the first four Faithwalking Foundations Modules. Plus, Faithwalking will equip your leadership to lead Faithwalking in your congregation. Aimed at flexibility, participants choose an online Faithwalking group that fits their schedule and receive Faithwalking coaching throughout the process. 

We believe so much in the importance of pairing intentional personal and communal pursuits of God's Design that both organizations discount the cost for the Compass Initiative: $2400 per year for both! Cycles start in January, May and September each year.

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