Personal and Congregational Transformation

for Faithful and Fruitful Missional Living

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Churches Learning Change is a process of deep personal and congregational transformation for the purpose of contributing spiritually and emotionally healthy churches that are working for community and world renewal.

We believe this end goal could be summed up by the word shalom: in wholeness, unity, balance, peace. We are seeking to embody a harmonious, caring community with God at its centre as the "prime sustainer and most glorious inhabitant." In the CLC movement, we are in the business of developing healthy churches that are actively working to restore the shalom of God to families, neighborhoods, cities, schools, and workplaces. 


Find out about our roots, where our learning communities exist, and how we work together to support churches and leaders throughout North America.


There are a lot of options out there when it comes to programs for renewal, church revitalization and leadership development.

What sets Churches Learning Change apart?


Chad, CLC Alum & Faculty Member

"Because of CLC my awareness of my self, my family, and my ministry is well beyond myself.  I’m able to connect so much more deeply with God’s work in my own life and partner with him in my family and my community.  My personal life has been transformed into a journey of emotional and spiritual maturity and the way I lead has been greatly impacted by that maturity.  I’m much more peaceful, content, and able to get myself unstuck.  My vision is less myopic and more wholistic - and I am much more of an inviter and collaborator rather than a dictator."  

Richard, Current CLC Participant

"When we started Faithwalking and CLC, I really did it with a lot of hesitation because I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to put myself out there that much, I was afraid of what it might reveal, and that it would bring change. But what I think I most enjoy about it is that it allows me to be more authentic and I think that my faith community is becoming more so as well.

Caroline, Current CLC Participant

“One thing I’ve learned… is to examine my prejudice of what a church is.”

I’m starting to walk in joy I’ve never known. I’m starting to walk in peace that truly does transcend all understanding. And I’m really starting to live life in a fuller sense than I ever dreamed possible… I’m deeply thankful for everything that [CLC has taught me] about the truth of the gospel.”

Barb, CLC Alum & Coach

Ryan, CLC Alum

"For me, the word that comes to mind is freedom."