Whether you join an online learning                     community or a region that meets in-person,       the overall process is the same.                              
 It is important to consider this opportunity as   a leadership group, then to gather a team that

 also includes people not in that leadership   group.


 With that team you will

  • participate in learning events;

  • meet regularly to discern how to practice your learning in your local context;

  • encourage and reflect with one another as you experiment as individuals and as a community;

  • share your learning at the next learning event, plus continue on the learning journey towards transformational, faithful and fruitful missional living!


Faithful and Fruitful Missional Living

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We don't just go on this journey to keep our churches alive or even to grow in size. Instead, CLC members are actively working to restore the shalom of God to families, neighborhoods, cities, schools, and workplaces while also engaging in transformational practices as a congregation.

For each of individual and church community, that looks different as we discern with God what God is already up to in our local contexts.

Along the journey of CLC, you'll integrate a specific understanding of Missional Living characterized by


crossing boundaries,

discerning God's initiatives,

treating your neighbor as subject,

forming missional communities,

and developing a missional way of life.

Examples of CLCers Living Missionally

For Monica, it's been cool to see how CLC has been transformational outside of the church:

 "Taking the personal transformation and doing that in the community where you find yourself, and for me that's a local hospital... We're working on getting a corporate prayer started on a monthly basis... praying for the administration, for our patients, and for the workers we have-- that we can do our job well and serve the Lord in that process."

For George, this was joining, and then leading towards growth, an organization that addresses nutrition for senior citizens in his area. Reflecting on what that has meant to him, George says:

"Through CLC, God gave me an opportunity to do something that was not on my bucket list whatsoever. I have never felt more alive than I do right now.

For Kristin and Andy, it meant leading their two congregations to enfold into one because they knew they could more faithfully carry out God's mission if they were together than if they were alone:

"We're so thankful for the ways that Churches Learning Change has helped us in this process to continue to follow God because there's all kinds of ways which this could have been sabotaged along the way."

Watch the videos below to hear these and other stories about how CLC has helped people and congregations live on God's mission.