Original Faculty Members Jim Herrington and Trisha Taylor share the story of Churches Learning Change’s beginnings.


 Members are committed to a vision of CLC in which people are actively working to                                     transform/restore/reconcile their communities, neighborhoods, cities (etc.) to God’s intended design.   This vision empowers regions to support individuals in their personal transformation and groups in   the creation of missional communities with a vision for shalom.

 In order to live into this vision, we support a central gathering of regions that is not a control room,   but a space that forms every time people gather to do this work. These Gatherings, along with the   Sustaining Group, hold the vision and DNA, staff and resources of Churches Learning Change; they   facilitate (but do not generate) communication; and they catalyze (but do not own) the learning. We   envision a network of regions that have authority and autonomy. The Gatherings do not lead the   regions, but serves them in their work, functioning as a midwife for change.

 There are currently six regions throughout North America following God's lead in the work of shalom!