Big East Region

May 2021

Gateway Year: Disrupting Survival Mode

Beginning in May of 2021, the CLC leadership team will offer four online learning sessions and one in-person retreat, roughly 8 weeks apart.  Each online learning session will be offered on a Wednesday night AND a Saturday morning (same content, choice of attendance).  Practice application homework will be offered after each session, as will opportunities for both individual and team coaching.

Teams from congregations are strongly encouraged to attend and participate together.  The greatest change and congregational impact will come from a team effort.  A team is generally conceived as 4-6 members participating with a pastor(s) and leadership is often shared between a team member and pastor. Teams from churches without pastors may be led by a congregational leader.  And, given pandemic realities, triads, pairs, and individuals will still be invited to participate.  

Each cycle will introduce some informational content, but more importantly, will allow time for participants to reflect and contextualize the content, create their own follow up, and reflect in community with others also seeking to practice and live into deeper discipleship. 

If you are in New York or New Jersey and want more information, visit their website.

Great Lakes and Heartland Region

Spring 2022

Great Lakes (Michigan and Ohio) and the Heartland (Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota) are planning to start new learning cohorts in the Spring of 2022. 

Between now and then, there may be some learning opportunities through the Great Lakes Region or through the CLC gathering. To hear about those opportunities, contact us.

Mid-America, Ontario, and Western Canada Regions


These regions are on pause or are still wrapping up pre-pandemic learning cohorts (due to pandemic travel restrictions). If you are in Canada or Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana or Florida, contact us to get connected to opportunities.