Churches Learning Change is committed to working for God's shalom in this world, and we're committed to supporting one another in that work. At every level of CLC you will find support, sharing, accountability, and inspiration on your personal and congregational journey.
Here are four foundational pieces of CLC support that will lead to faithful and fruitful missional living.

Faithwalking is "an ongoing spiritual formation journey equipping you to live the fully human, fully alive, missional life."  Many of the personal principles in Faithwalking easily translate to the communal values and practices mastered in CLC. Faithwalking is the key tool for personal emotional, spiritual and relational maturity in Churches Learning Change, and each region uses Faithwalking in the format best suited for their learning community.   


Coaching is central to the process of transformational learning because it creates a purposeful space for reflection, questions, and accountability. It is also a necessary countersystem for the leader, equipping him/her to manage anxiety and grow in differentiation of self within his/her organization.

Each region offers some form of coaching for participating pastors, key lay leaders, and congregational teams.

Empowered Teachers

CLC alum, pastors further along in the CLC journey, and CLC leaders from other regions partner with one another to make sure that each region has the teachers needed for each learning event. Plus, each region is committed to empowering its own members to become teachers, coaches, and learners who share!

Further, the annual summer Gathering devotes a portion of their meeting to developing teaching topics for the entire CLC community.

Every region has volunteer leaders who keep their region connected to the larger CLC movement. In fact, there are open online meetings every month for regional leaders to update one another, make group decisions, talk through challenges, build relationships, and capitalize on the wisdom and capacities of other members. Such a structure keeps the regions distinct, yet connected. And then, when we're together, it's like we haven't been apart.