In Churches Learning Change, we seek to master what we learn in such a way that it becomes a natural, habitual way of being.

  • When we gather, whether online or in person, we begin with sharing and learning information.

  • Then, each participant and team is tasked with taking that information and putting it into practice in their congregations and personal lives and to pass on their learning with others.

  • Finally, regularly within the team, in coaching relationships, and at the next learning event, everyone reflects on what the information, how they experimented or "tried things on," and what they learned from their practicing.

We think of this journey of learning for mastery as more like a spiral than a straight line. In other words, each movement of learning, reflecting and practice isn't a step that we complete and move on from, but part of a process of layering new information on concepts by returning to them later on in the CLC journey.

transformational learning.png
Our in-person Learning Events and Retreats follow the same Transformational Learning Paradigm. We intentionally structure our learning to include
  • big group learning and practice
  • guided personal solitude for reflection
  • team discussion on solitude time
  • big group coaching